Accounting and Invoicing Package

Easy to use, integrated with Kinderly

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The new Kinderly Accounting and Invoicing package allows you to easily track income and expenses, and send invoices directly to parents.

Quickly capture your running costs and view expenditure reports making your setting more efficient and enabling you to spend more time with the children.

Tax returns are made easy as the flexible reporting functions allow you to generate accurate end of year accounts required for annual HMRC returns.

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View expenses at-a-glance with over 11 expense categories to choose from including: Staffing, Toys and Equipment and Food and Drink. There are even more sub-categories, so all expense items should be covered.

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Expenditure Summary

View all the expenditure and income data, by specified date range, at-a-glance so you can easily calculate the running cost and profitability of your setting.

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Cost Calculator

Use the built-in cost calculator to work out the average cost per hour or per day for your setting, helping you set the right rate for your business.


Invoices are simply created by using the existing parent and child information set up and stored in Kinderly, saving time and improving efficiency.

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Overdue accounts can be identified easily within the system helping you stay on top of your finances.

Once parents have paid their invoice, this can be captured in the system with just one click, helping you keep track of expenses and invoices more easily.

Invoices can be customised with individual logo’s and details of each setting.

Send invoices by email using the parent and child information stored within the Kinderly system.

What users say about Kinderly Accounts:

  • “I found it very easy to input the information”
  • “Being able to look at expenditure month by month will be helpful, it will enable me to see if I have overspent and the reasons why”
  • “I like being able to add expenses so easily”
  • “It’s easy to use”
  • “I am more likely to recommend Kinderly now that it has the Accounting and Invoicing package”

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