You can take the register for a child multiple times, recording the exact hours they were with you.


From the left-hand menu select ‘Register’. All the children from your setting will be listed.
You can shorten the list by either searching for an individual child by name, or choosing a group.


NOTE: If you can’t see a list of children on this screen, you might need to do a hard refresh, ‘ctrl shift r’ or ‘cmd shift r’.

You can also change the time, by selecting ‘Use specific time’ and entering a new time.

specific time

NOTE: The ‘Use current time’ option is the default, so you can take the register on the spot, as the children arrive and leave.

Signing a Child in


Change the time if needed, then simply tap the ‘Sign In’ button and the register will record the entry.

sign in

Signing a Child out

Once again, change the time if needed and tap the ‘Sign Out’ button.

sign out

Taking the register for a Child a second time

A second ‘Sign In’ button appears every time a child has been signed out.

Follow the steps as before to sign the child in and then out.

multi times

Marking a Child as Absent

If a child was due to be in but is absent, you can record the reason in the register.


Tap the ‘Absent’ button, enter a reason for the absence and click ‘Save’.

absent entry



Editing a time entry

Click on the entry you wish to edit.

edit time

You can overwrite the times and ‘Save’ or delete the Time out and ‘Save’.

To remove the Time in, or both entries, click ‘Clear times’. This will take you back to the register to start afresh for that child.

edit box

NOTE: Times can only be added in order, i.e. an earlier time cannot be entered if the child has been signed out.

edit specific time

time error

Editing an absence

Click on the entry you wish to edit.


You can either overwrite the reason and click ‘Save’ or click ‘Clear absence’ to remove the entry and return to the register.

edit absence


Daily Diary

The Daily Diary on both App and Admin Dashboard will show entries from the register.

DD times

DD absent

NOTE: Times in the Daily Diary can no longer be edited, they are view only.

Daily email to Parents

The parents will see the register times on their email.

email times

A parent will also receive an email if the child was absent.

email absent

Parent Portal

The information from the register will be displayed in the Parent Portal.


The App

Though the current app is not compatible with multi-register you can still use the register on the App as per normal. Sign the child in and out or mark them absent.


A child was signed in when dropped off by a parent and then signed out when dropped off at school, both times using the App.

app register

The App times will populate the Register on the Admin Dashboard.

app in dash

The same child was then collected from school and remained in the setting until collected by the Parent. To add the second register you would use the Admin Dashboard.

app edit box

Times will be populated into the Register and the Daily Diary.

app multi times

NOTE: The App will only display the first set of times, both on the register and in the Daily Diary. In this case 07:05 – 08:55.

Clicking ‘Reset’ in the App deletes all entries made on the Register for that child, including any multi-registers entered.

Use with caution.