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NurseryBook launches its new app – and all the thank yous

date May 15, 2015

NurseryBook is truly delighted to launch its new app today. We are passionate about giving all children, no matter their background, the best possible start in life and our app helps achieve that, by saving childcare professionals time and money, while increasing positive parent engagement. NurseryBook makes it quick and easy to record and share a child’s early years journey against the EYFS framework.
At this inflection point in our journey as a business, we wanted to thank our early years education advisers, you know who you are. We are also grateful to the following organisations for their support, encouragement and belief in our vision:
Emerge Education and Campus London for selecting us to be a part of your 2014 accelerator cohort and giving us a home for three months.
Innovate UK for recognising our potential and giving us a Smart Award.
Camden Collective, for the office space, wifi, creative energy and tea.
Downing Ventures, for giving us the backing to make today’s launch possible.