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The Kinderly member referral scheme

We have a unique member referral scheme that allows you to earn free monthly subscriptions for every user you refer! Below are some tips on how you can save money with your subscription.

Get a referral code

Use a referral code when you sign up for your Kinderly Together or Kinderly Learn trial or at the point of subscription. You will have been referred to Kinderly by a friend, so be sure to use their referral code to claim your 15% discount. This discount is valid for one year and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code (except PACEY member discount which will still apply).

Refer your friends

Once you’re subscribed to Kinderly, you’ll get your own unique referral code.  To get your code, just email the team at:

Earn discounts for each referral

Pass your referral code on to others. For every person that subscribes to Kinderly using your referral code, you’ll receive a one-month subscription for free, after they’ve been subscribed for 2 months. That means that if you refer 12 people who go on to become subscribers, you’ll be using Kinderly for free for a year!

How does this work with yearly subscriptions?

If you are on an annual subscription plan, we will reduce your next payment by the number of subscribers you have referred at the point of your renewal payment.

What if I refer more than 12 people?

If you’re in a position to refer lots of people then get in touch and we can discuss a referral fee.