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Early Years Webinars


Here at Kinderly we’re here to support you and keep you up-to-date with all things relating to early years childcare. With topics including transitions, SEND, communication and how you can support your children during Lockdown, we’ve got you covered.

Our live webinars are hosted by top early years experts you can trust and include hot topics like:

  • How to re-open your setting after Lockdown
  • Wellbeing tips for you and your families during hard times
  • Observations, assessment and planning: Are you Ofsted-ready?
  • Updates on safeguarding and child protection
  • Supporting speech, language and communication in the early years
  • Practical strategies for supporting SEND

How do they work?

  • It’s simple. The latest schedule can be found on our Facebook page. It’s ok, you don’t need to have a FB account to view the details.
  • You can view each webinar and find the registration link on the event description with a link to register to attend.
  • The registration links will take you to our webinar registration page, hosted through online platform Zoom.
  • Enter your details and you should receive an email confirmation plus a reminder before the webinar starts.
  • The best thing? Our webinars are completely free AND  you’ll receive a certificate that counts towards your CPD when you attend the live webinar.

Interested in joining? See our updated schedule on Facebook

Note: You don’t need to be a FB member to see the schedule and webinar registration links 😉

Kinderly events on Facebook

Missed our latest webinar? It’s ok, we’ve got you!

If you missed any of our previous webinars and you’d like to access the videos, you can access them by adding your details to here – that simple!


See what other practitioners think of them…

Kinderly webinar feedback

Kinderly webinar feedback from attendee

Don’t forget to check our early years guides curated by our experts, helping you navigate hot topics like transitions in early years, wellbeing and mental health in early childhood and our very own Covid-19 resource hub!

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