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What are you planning for National Unplugged Day on 28th June?

date June 26, 2015

At NurseryBook HQ, we have been busy brainstorming and asking our contacts to share play ideas to get ready for National Unplugging Day on 28th June!
Here’s a selection of our favourites. We have roughly grouped them according to age but lots are suitable for any child. Why not add your ideas in the comments section below or let us know your pledge to go gadget free this Sunday?
8-20 Months
Treasure Box
Put a range of small objects with different textures and fabrics into a box or bag. Then let your child take various items out whilst you describe them.
Dragon’s den
Grab a sheet and make a den (indoors or outdoors) by draping it over chairs, a table – whatever you can find, then have a picnic, sing songs or read a book inside.
Painted faces
Face-painting is always fun… but don’t forget to let your child paint your face too!
16-26 Months
Treasure Trail
Go for a nature walk and collect ‘treasure’, which you can take home and stick on paper. If you don’t have any glue handy, your child can help you make up a simple flour and water paste – easily washable!
Invisible ink!
If it’s sunny, use a pot of water and brushes to paint the ground outside, then watch the water dry!
Play Doh People
Have some fun with your toddler and let your imagination run wild with Play Doh. After you’ve made some great figurines have a go at start a conversations between them.
22-36 Months
Cup Bowling
Find or buy 9 plastic cups and place them on top of each other to make a pyramid structure. Then find a small ball, about the size of a bouncy ball or golf ball. See how many cups you both can knock down after 8 rounds and the winner gets to choose the next game!
The Opposites Game
Take it in turns to do the opposite of each other; if you climb high then the other person must go low. If they shout then you must whisper, a fun game that can last a while.
Shady play
If it’s sunny, make funny shadows outside, draw around then with chalk and photograph them (yes, we’ll let you use your phone for this bit!) talk about them at bedtime.
30-50 Months
Bake something!
The classic favourite Rice Krispies chocolate treats is always a winner. All you need are some cupcake cases, Rice Krispies and chocolate. Once the Rice Krispies are in a bowl, melt some chocolate and stir in, place the mix in the cupcake cases and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes to set. It is a relatively straightforward recipe which means there isn’t the slightest chance of anything major going wrong!
An Adventure in a Bag
The parent puts a variety of random objects into a bag and then together you take turns to pick an object out and you must use them as clues to create a story. The time this may take depends on the number of objects in the bag.
40-60 Months
Bake something!
For older children rice crispy treats may be a thing of the past and they might want more of a challenge. Brownies or muffins are always an easy and tasty treat to make, children will enjoy themselves the most when they are baking with you, but there’s no harm in buying brownie mix and getting an older child to supervise!
Plant a plant
This is an activity great for all ages,
60 +
You can choose any of the games above but also play or learn a range of sports, board games or simply make up your own like creating a scavenger hunt! The possibilities are limitless when you use your imagination.
Special thanks to Stella Nalini of A.STAR Early Years Agency for Excellence for lots of amazing play ideas.