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The Golden Rules – a blog about trust

date July 3, 2015

For those of us who work for (or who have escaped from) big corporates, trust in the workplace can dredge up thoughts of teambuilding days, blindfolds and falling. Personally, I have to suppress the memory of a midnight cave rescue involving overalls, crawling through a very wet (let’s face it, semi-flooded) tunnel and being left on my own, underground, in the dark and the cold for what felt like hours. We rescued the guy but the next morning’s sleep-deprived, ‘constructive’ debrief did little for our team spirit.
At NurseryBook HQ, our team is built over burritos on a Friday lunchtime and trust is simply one of our core values, driving all our decision-making. We fully understand the importance of trust when it comes to dealing with treasured memories of your children. Content relating to any child is highly sensitive and must be treated with the utmost care. When you receive NurseryBook updates from your child’s nursery, we extend our trust to you. We trust that you understand the importance of our Golden Rule and will never break it.
The Golden Rule
We trust that you will never share photos or videos you receive via NurseryBook to social media sites or third party platforms, including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. Whether the photos or videos are of just your child or they show your little one learning to play and interact with other children, by choosing to receive updates from NurseryBook, you agree never to share them.
If you like legal language, or just want to be sure of the detail, please visit the Terms and Conditions section of the NurseryBook website. But if you never share photos on social media, that helps protect and respect other parents and children using the app, and lets all users enjoy the many benefits it provides.