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New Reports Tab

date September 29, 2015

The ‘Report’ feature is now available from the online NurseryBook website. At the moment ’Two Year Progress Check’ reports can be created and viewed, other reporting templates will be added in due course.
The ‘Reports’ tab:

  • Allows easy access to both completed and new reports
  • Creating a report is straight forward
  • Provides staff with a PDF of the report to download (template can be seen below)
  • Sends an email to parents allowing them to add a comment and view the PDF
  • Can view all reports for a single child on their child profile

For more information on Two Year Progress Report report please visit the link below:
As well as giving an update on what new features have been implemented, below is a quick tutorial that will help you get started:

How to create a report

Adding a new report can be done in one of two ways, either by going on the ‘Reports’ tab or going to an individual child and clicking “New Report”.

This will take you to the new reports page which displays a list of report templates on the left hand side and a list of children on the right hand side – if you accessed this page via a child’s profile then that child will be selected by default.

There is an option to view only key children assigned to you.
You can select multiple children at the same time – this will then create a report for each child selected. These new reports will then appear in the Reports tab.

After you have selected the report type and child/children, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
You will then be able to enter details for the particular report.

Editing a report

To edit a report you simply click on it from the reports menu and it provides you with a form based webpage that you can edit and save
the form
You can extend the text boxes to be as big as you wish by clicking and dragging the bottom right of the text box (looks like two diagonal lines)
form view 2

Completing a report

Each report can either be marked as incomplete (‘Save for Later’) or complete (‘Save and Mark as Complete’), this allows users to distinguish between reports they are working on and it means completed reports will be archived by month and year.
Not complete:

Once you have reached the bottom of the report page you can select from the following options:
– save the report to be completed at a later date
– confirm that the report is completed
– Update the child’s photo – the initial photo for the report is taken as the child’s profile photo at the time the report was created. However if some time has past, and the child’s profile photo has changed, you can update the report so it displays the more recent photo.
– Delete

Marking it as completed allows you to complete additional tasks as seen below:

-Edit the report removing its completed tag
-Send the report to parents including the PDF and a brief description of the report
-View the report in a PDF version

Searching for Reports

The search function works for report type, child name and date, as well as typing in “key children” gives you a list of all the reports linked to your key children.

Sending Reports to Parents

If you click on a completed report and scroll to the bottom you will then be able to click on the ‘Send email to Parents’ button.

A new menu will pop up where you can select which parents you want to send the reports to.
send email
An example of the report email which is sent to the parents looks like this:

Parents will then be invited to leave a comment as shown below:

Printing the Report

Once he report is complete and the parents have submitted a comment you can create a pdf version of the report for your records.
To save the file simply right click on the pdf in the browser window and click “Save As…”
See example below of a completed report.
An example of what the blank PDF will look like:
Sherell report

We hope this short guide to getting started with reports was useful and you are welcome to leave any suggestions or improvements in the comments section below or send a message to us at: