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Free early years resources for World Kindness Day

date November 11, 2021Pippa Dini

On this blog post, Customer Support Extraordinaire Pippa shares her reflections on World Kindness Day 2022.

World Kindness Day – What does this day mean to you?

I asked myself this question as I pondered writing a small blog on it. So many ideas sprung to mind, but first and foremost, why do we need to have a day devoted to being kind?  Surely this is something we should all strive for, both at home and in public?

So how do we achieve such a utopia, or at least start working towards it? Well, we start with our youngest who are still forming habits and learning life. I know, from my role in Customer Support, that Kinderly members follow this. I chat to many daily and I can honestly say they are truly some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, not to mention my awesome colleagues at Kinderly.

How can we be more kind? 

Well, I guess it starts with the small things, stopping to help someone in need.  Perhaps someone, not as fit as you, who has dropped something and helping them to retrieve it. Holding the door open for the person behind you. Smiling and greeting a person on your daily walk. It’s little things that often have a ripple effect. They make the other person feel valued and therefore will often help in some way themselves as they’re feeling good. A bit like the ‘Pay it Forward’ concept. 

child hand offering a flower

All this thinking reminded me of a little exchange I had many, many years ago as a mum of a young baby.  I was tired, sleep-deprived, out of my depth with a newborn when a lady in the supermarket stopped me for a few minutes to chat, simply to tell me what a beautiful mum I was and how gorgeous my baby was. That was all. She had no need to do this, to take time out of her day to speak with me, or share this thought she had. It made my day. I was smiling for hours after that and I suspect that all those I came in contact with that day also got a smiley, happy and appreciative person to deal with. All down to her random act of kindness. Had she not stopped me, my day would have been the same as so many others at the time. A process of making it through the day and trying to snatch a snooze here and there. While I would have been polite anyone I came into contact with, I don’t think I would have been smiley and cheery.  She really made my day.

It is little things that help make the change, the change that leads to the bigger things that have a positive impact for all. 

Free kindness activities for you

To celebrate World Kindness Day, we’re sharing with you a FREE Activity Bulletin packed with inspiration for activities you can do with your children that will help us move towards a ‘World of Kindness’ rather than just one day. These activities are part of the perks you get every week as a Kinderly Together subscriber. Click on the image below access you free PDF.

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