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Commemorating Queen Elizabeth II: Free early years resources

date September 16, 2022Kinderly

Children may be feeling upset by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, or confused by the emotions being displayed by the adults around them. At this time practitioners must be attuned to the varying needs of their children. For some, the Queen’s passing may remind them of the death of a loved one in their own family, or they may be saddened having taken part in the Jubilee celebrations.

To commemorate and celebrate Queen Elizabeth II, our team of early years experts have put together a free activity bulletin to support you with ideas and information for this specific time in history and in celebration of our Queen’s amazing reign. You usually get these themed bulletins as part of your subscription to Kinderly Together but on this occasion, we’ve created a special edition, hoping it can be of use to anyone in the early years sector, so please feel free to share it with anyone, including parents and carers.

This special activity bulletin includes developmental and learning activities for children aged 0-5 years old including:

  • Educational videos
  • Suggested activities
  • Inspiring reads
  • Tips to explain death to children, grief and mourning
  • Role play and sensory play

All you have to do is click here to view and download the file in PDF format.

Queen's funeral activities for children