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10 Ways to improve staff wellbeing

date July 11, 2024Enya Last

Happy educators mean happy children, so on this blog post, we turn to Enya Last, manager of Enya’s Childcare, who shares tried-and-tested strategies to support the wellbeing of your nursery staff. Over to Enya…

As a seasoned nursery owner, I understand that creating a positive and supportive environment for your team not only boosts morale but also enhances productivity and overall happiness at work. Here are ten easy ideas that I use in my own nursery that could improve staff wellbeing in your setting too:

1. Dedicated wellbeing discussion in every staff meeting

Make staff wellbeing a priority by dedicating a section of every staff meeting to it. Consistency is key! Share tips on mental health and self care, celebrate personal milestones and do fun activities like the ‘human knot challenge’! It’s a great way to ensure wellbeing stays top of mind.

2. Create a staff wellbeing policy

Create a clear and comprehensive staff wellbeing policy. Outline the resources available to your team, such as mental health support, flexible working arrangements, and wellness programmes. Having a defined policy shows your commitment to your educator’s health and happiness.

3. Include emotional check-ins every day

Effective communication is absolutely essential to a happy workplace. You can use the Edufeel app to stay connected with your team daily. Ensure your educators feel safe and heard and encourage them to share how they feel with their team. This consistent daily check-in fosters a sense of community and creates an open, honest and supportive workplace.

early years educators walking in nature

4. Incorporate regular nature breaks

Encourage your team to take regular nature breaks. Whether it’s a short walk or having lunch outdoors, spending time in nature can significantly reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing. Try to make it a part of your team’s daily routine!

5. Organise wellbeing workshops your team can attend

Invest in your team’s health by organising workshops on various topics like improving sleep, healthy eating, and stress management. These sessions provide valuable information and practical tips that your team can apply to their everyday lives.

6.  Organise regular team building outings

Strengthen team bonds with regular team-building outings. From escape rooms to laser tag, these activities encourage teamwork, communication, and a sense of camaraderie. Plus, they’re a lot of fun!

7. Know your Team’s love languages

Understanding your team’s love languages enables you to provide support in the most meaningful way. Whether your colleague prefers words of affirmation, acts of service, or quality time, tailoring your approach to each individual’s preference can make them feel truly valued and appreciated.

pizza making wellbeing session

8. Host a monthly wellbeing evening

Host a monthly wellbeing night where your team can unwind and bond outside of work hours. Whether it’s a pizza-making night, a Zumba class, or hiring a masseuse for the evening, these events provide a perfect opportunity to relax and connect on a personal level.

9. Encourage wellness habits with fun challenges

Bring some friendly competition into the mix with wellness challenges and small prizes! These can be step count competitions, hydration challenges, or healthy cooking contests. It’s a fun way to encourage positive habits and motivate everyone to take part.

10. Foster gratitude initiatives

Foster a culture of gratitude with initiatives like thank-you boards in the staff room or a ‘Star of the Month’ program. Encourage everyone to share what they’re grateful for and acknowledge their colleagues’ efforts. Implementing these ten strategies can transform your early years setting into a haven of positivity and support. Remember, happy educators = happy children! So, start making wellbeing a priority today and watch your team flourish!


enya last

With over 15 years of dedicated experience in early years education, child psychologist and innovator Enya is the Owner of award-winning, Reggio-inspired day nursery Enya’s Childcare and Founder of Edufeel.

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