Once your child(ren)’s childminder, nursery or nanny is using Kinderly, they can send you an email alert which allows you to authorise email updates from the app. You don’t currently need to register on the website. If your child(ren)’s childcare practitioner doesn’t currently have the app, email us their details and we can arrange to speak to them about the benefits.

Any images uploaded to Kinderly are covered by UK Copyright laws. ‘Your’ images are ‘your’ images and any content uploaded by you is ‘your’ content. Please refer to our detailed T&Cs regarding terms of use, images and content.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for Parents for more information on terms of use.

Your child(ren)’s nursery, nanny or childminder can choose to send you emails with photographs, observations, videos and details of your child’s daily routine, such as what they have eaten or how long they napped for. We are currently working on an app for parents which will make your engagement with your nursery more rewarding and enhance your experience of your child’s early years journey.

Your child(ren)’s childcare practitioner or nursery chooses how often email updates are received by parents. Usually a weekly email is most rewarding for everyone because there will be plenty of information and photos to share.

There is a dedicated parent portal where you can enjoy all your child’s observations and pictures in one place. You can access the web version here, but you will need your child’s setting to invite you first.

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You create the password yourself. To sign up for the parent portal, your childcare provider must invite you. This happens automatically for all new parents added to Kinderly after February/March 2016, but if you were a registered parent before then, you will need to ask your provider to invite you manually – don’t worry, it only takes them one click to do so.

After being invited to the parent portal, you will receive an email with instructions to set your password.

Your “parent passphrase” can be obtained from your childcare provider. This code, along with the child’s date of birth, is required to confirm to us and the childcare provider that this is in fact your child and that you are allowed to view their details and postcards. If you are asked to verify a child whose name you do not recognise, please contact your childcare provider or contact us directly.

You can access the parent portal with any device that runs a modern web browser.

On desktop, we recommend that you use a modern browser – by this we mean Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge at their current versions.

On Android, you can use any modern browser as long as it is kept up to date (please note that Opera Mini may not be supported). Also, if you are using Chrome for Android, you will be able to install Kinderly to home screen and use it just like an app!

On iPhone and iPad, we recommend using Safari and having an up-to-date version of iOS.