We have cut the amount of time spent on observations by half, from 7 hours a week to just over 3, leaving us more time to spend with the children.

Anne, primary school reception year teacher

The information contained in Kinderly makes it much easier to access the evidence to make informed judgements instead of scrutinising paper files which vary in quality and are time consuming. In my view this product is excellent and will be highly beneficial to all Early Years practitioners and very supportive when conducting inspections.

Ray, Early Years Ofsted Inspector

I just wanted to let you know that we have started receiving e-mail messages from Liz-Anne from Kinderly, with pictures, a description of the activity and the observed steps on the early learning journey – It is fantastic!!! Many thanks!

Adriano, parent

Truly brilliant. We have been trying to create exactly this on a database using the EYFS. We are all super impressed.

Daisy, nursery owner

Kinderly has made my day so much easier – now I’ve got much more time to focus on the children.

Keisha, nursery key-worker

The Sutton Trust predicts that UK GDP could see losses of up to £1.3 trillion over the next 40 years if we fail to improve the educational outcomes of children from lower income families. Kinderly is helping us to make a difference for children in this demographic.

Amanda, Early Years Education associate

Your product is exactly what we are looking for.

Joel, ICT manager for a nursery chain