Kinderly For Parents

Our commitment to you

Get a precious glimpse into your child’s learning journey, through photos, messages and ideas for creative play at home.

Why Kinderly

Kinderly's specialist apps are focused on giving all children the best start in life, by giving you the opportunity to share and engage in their learning journey. Kinderly makes it quick and easy for Early Years Childcare Professionals to record photos and observations of your children's daily routine and their everyday miracles, giving them more time to play together while effectively meeting Ofsted requirements. And by sharing these with you, you gain a deeper understanding of the big and little leaps and how to support these at home.


  • Get access to precious memories of your child(ren)'s journey at nursery or with their childminder or nanny
  • More meaningful information, and better engagement with your child(ren)’s nursery, childminder or nanny
  • Use of the app may better prepare your child for school
  • Get access to resources to support your child(ren)'s learning at home
  • Fully EYFS compliant
  • Our app is highly secure. We use industry-leading technology to encrypt and keep your information safe.


  • Receive photos, videos and updates by email
  • Receive regular messages from your child(ren)'s nursery by email
  • View your child(ren)'s learning & development journey

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