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Ofsted’s new EIF – What you need to know

date August 22, 2019Philippa Glass


We know how confusing change can be, especially when it involves Ofsted and the way your early years provision is judged. That’s why we’ve asked both a former Ofsted inspector and an early years practitioner to provide you with some reliable and trustworthy information to help you navigate your way through the upcoming introduction of the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF).   

Hilary Preece – Former Ofsted Inspector and Early Years Consultant
Get Hilary’s angle on the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, from an inspector’s perspective, and get answers to popular questions like:

  • Can digital technology still be helpful?
  • How can digital technology be used to support children’s learning and development if Ofsted no longer view children’s assessment records?
  • How can I use digital technology to communicate with parents?

Rebecca Martland – Early Years Consultant, Trainer and Ofsted Registered Childminder
Rebecca gives us an early years practitioner view, including an overview of key changes in the EIF, and aims to dispel myths arising from the changes like:

  • Can I still do Daily Diaries, Learning Journals and progress reports from September?
  • Will the Ofsted inspector look at my learning and development records?
  • What is meant by ‘curriculum’ in the EIF?
  • What are the three ‘I’s?

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