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Early years frameworks added to Kinderly Together

date November 6, 2020
Our mission at Kinderly is to support childcare professionals to give the children in their care a great start in life.
With different early years frameworks available across the UK, we wanted to ensure that we had them all covered within our software, so you can now choose from:
  • Northern Ireland: Learning to Learn Policy Framework
  • England: EYFS (revised EYFS effective from September 2021)
  • Wales: Foundation Phase Framework
  • Scotland:  Realising the Ambition: Being me

STOP PRESS: Kinderly granted licence to incorporate the Birth to 5 Matters non-statutory guidance!  Read more.

From September 2021:

  • Development Matters guidance
  • Birth to 5 Matters guidance (read our blog)

All of these early years frameworks, along with Characteristics of Effective Learning (CoEL, as part of EYFS),  Leuven Scales, Schemas are now available on our award-winning platform Kinderly Together. Use them to track and evidence child development, plan next steps, encourage home learning and complete reports at the touch of a button.  

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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards that all early years providers must meet in England to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. It promotes teaching and learning to ensure children’s ‘school readiness’ and gives children a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.

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The EYFS has also become the standard curriculum in many markets across the world.  With Kinderly Together, early years professionals can link observations to key statements from Development Matters, set next steps and more.  

The revised EYFS and accompanying non-statutory curriculum guidance, Development Matters, will be effective from September 2021, with ‘early adopter’ schools opting to implement this before the national rollout.  Early adopters can now select the new Development Matters on the Kinderly Together software.  

Want to get up to date with revised EYFS updates? Read our expert recap on our early years EYFS blog.

Try our award-winning, early years management software Kinderly Together – FREE which includes access to our CPD micro-learning platform (Kinderly Learn).

Useful links and further information and articles relating to the EYFS can be found in the Kinderly EYFS HUB.


Curriculum for Wales: Foundation Phase Framework

The Foundation Phase is the statutory curriculum for all three to seven-year-olds in Wales, introduced in September 2010. It encourages children to be creative and imaginative and makes learning more enjoyable and more effective.

As a key part of the Welsh Government’s Early Years Development and Assessment Framework (EYDAF), the Foundation Phase Profile (the profile) supports the assessment of children’s learning and development throughout their time in the Foundation Phase.

Involving parents/carers in their children’s education is an essential part of the Foundation Phase pedagogy. Kinderly Together features facilitate easy 2-way communication with parents enabling ongoing and real-time updates of the child’s learning and development.

Kinderly Together early years software covers 0-7 age range for Wales.

Try our award-winning, early years management software Kinderly Together – FREE which includes access to our CPD micro-learning platform (Kinderly Learn).

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The Early Years Framework: Scotland

This Scottish early years framework is about giving children the best start in life and the steps the Scottish Government, local partners and practitioners in early years services need to take to start us on that journey.

Realising the Ambition: Being Me (2020) is the national practice guidance for early years in Scotland, covering the period from birth through early childhood into primary education.  It aspires to support practitioners in delivering what babies and young children need most to give children the best start in life in Scotland. This guidance is integrated in the Kinderly Together software for you to use.

Curriculum For Excellence is the Scottish framework for the delivery of education from 3 to 18 years of age. Experiences and outcomes statements support practitioners to plan learning and assess progress, alongside the principles and practice documents (coming soon to Kinderly).

Making links between practice, theory and policy guidance helps reinforce aspects of high-quality provision and the critical role that early years practitioners play.  Kinderly Together provides the platform for practitioners to easily evidence a child’s learning and development and to share these with parents, all at the click of a button.  

Try our award-winning, early years management software Kinderly Together – FREE which includes access to our CPD micro-learning platform (Kinderly Learn).

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Learning To Learn: Northern Ireland

As part of the Northern Ireland Learning to Learn policy, all pre-school settings, both statutory and voluntary and private settings with funded places, must adhere to the ‘Curricular Guidance for Pre-School Education’. The guidance is designed to support and promote good quality pre-school educational provision and outlines the range of learning opportunities which children of this age should have through play and other relevant experiences.

The Northern Ireland Learning to Learn policy is underpinned by the belief that all children have equal opportunities to achieve their potential through high-quality early years education and learning experiences. Kinderly supports this with the easy to use early years software platform where you can link to the Northern Ireland Curriculum Guidance  to evidence learning and development.   Parents can be kept in touch using Kinderly’s easy 2-way communication – wow moments, daily activities and more to support them in the home learning environment.

Try our award-winning, early years management software Kinderly Together – FREE which includes access to our CPD micro-learning platform (Kinderly Learn).

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Montessori (coming soon)


The Montessori approach is holistic and aims to develop the whole child. Fundamental to the approach is the belief that a child’s early years from birth to six are the period when they have the greatest capacity to learn.

Montessori left a legacy through her work that combines a philosophy of freedom and self-development for children with a practical approach.

Read this article about the history of Montessori and Regio approaches and how they have influenced the EYFS and other frameworks.

The Montessori early years framework will be available on Kinderly Together very soon – so stay tuned!

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