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Lynnette Brock – Exploring SchemaPlay™

Wednesday 21st Jun 2023 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Lynnette Brock - Schema Play Kinderly webinar promo

In this webinar, Lynnette Brock, Director of SchemaPlay™, explores why our responses to children’s play and communication matters, and how knowledge of schematic play can support children’s mastery, self-belief and improved learning outcomes.

In this session, you will gain:

  • An insight into some of the most common schemes that young children apply in their self-chosen free-play
  • An understanding of how the application of a child’s scheme/s can facilitate the educator to support children’s ‘mastery’ behaviour and self-belief
  • Knowledge of the distinction between a scheme and a schema, and why both should be considered when supporting and extending young children’s learning through play. This is discussed in terms of engaging in ‘Sustained Shared Thinking’ (Siraj-Blatchford, et al, 2003)
  • How operational schemes help children and adults to learn about new objects in their environment, as well as how schemes are combined and later ‘chunked’ together:
    • ‘Chunked’ schemes are displayed in ‘adding’, ‘subtracting’, ‘measuring’ and ‘cooking’, for example. In adulthood we draw upon and use operational schemes every day.

Whether you have some knowledge of schematic play, or none at all, this webinar will enable you to:

  • Seed an environment to support children’s capabilities and independent problem solving, fostering self-belief and mastery
  • Help children to ‘dig deep’ in their learning experiences
  • Appreciate the pre-requisite schemes used in later complex operations, such as ‘reading’, ‘writing’, ‘adding’ and ‘subtracting’, as well as the value of ‘flow’ in promoting learning and creativity.

About the speaker

Lynnette Brock is the Co-founder and director of SchemaPlay Community Interest Company. Over the past seven years, Lynnette has been engaged in two research projects with Local Authorities in England. This research has led to a personal commitment and a passion to support early years’ educators, childminders and reception class teachers to develop and deepen their knowledge of schematic play.

Facilitating an appreciation of the distinction between a scheme and schema (Piaget, 1969), the SchemaPlay™ training supports and showcases how, with a deeper knowledge of schematic play, we can really ‘know’ every child; thereby supporting their mastery, self-belief, transitions and learning across the entire early years’ curriculum and beyond.

How to watch this webinar

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Wednesday 21st Jun 2023
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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