Our Advisors

Early Years

Our journey to create an easy to use app and online experience for Early Years childcare professionals and parents has involved working with numerous experienced Early Years advisors. Listed below are some of our advisors who have helped to make Kinderly the perfect solution for Early Years Childcare professionals and parents.

Ray O’Neil, Early Years Ofsted Inspector & School Improvement Advisory Board

Ray is an Early Years Ofsted inspector, with over twenty five years’ experience, Ray has worked as a classteacher, Early Years manager, Deputy and Headteacher in a number of schools in London & the South East. His current role is with the School Improvement Advisory board and the School Direct programme. It is Ray’s wealth of experience working as an Ofsted inspector that he has brought to bear in helping Kinderly develop its EYFS learning and development application.

Amanda King, Advises on National & Local Authority Early Years Policy

Amanda led a team of Early Years advisors and practitioners in producing “Extending the Learning Journey”, a publication that has received national acclaim. Amanda’s extensive knowledge of the Early Years sector has enabled her to contribute effectively to Warwickshire LA strategic planning. In addition to her role as a Member of “the Achievement for All” National steering group for Early Years, she is head of Bedworth Heath Nursery School & Children’s Centre, a National Teaching Centre.

Liz-Anne, Early Years Education Centre Imperial College

Liz-Anne has worked within Early Years sector for over 30 years, currently at Imperial College Early Years Education Centre. She has worked with several teams who worked closely together to provide good high quality childcare and education. She is Montessori qualified, with a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies and a Early Years Professional Status. She feels her qualifications and passion, motivation, experience and knowledge are all attributes contributing to Kinderly.

Other Advisors

With the help of these wonderful people, we are able to provide you with an intuitive, secure end-to-end user experience.

Mark Woodbridge, Systems Administrator and Security Advisor

Mark has a background in Computer Science and over 15 years of extensive software engineering experience, in both academia and industry. He specialises in the design and implementation of secure large-scale informatics applications, from enterprise information systems to financial trading and computational biology. He studied Computer Science and Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge before working in academia and industry, including developing Financial Trading Systems at Reuters Group PLC.

Francesco Tacchini, User Experience and Design

Francesco is a London-based graphic designer (sort of) currently studying a Master in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art. He researches and designs within the spectrum of possibilities facilitated by traditional visual communication and a critical approach to technology. He is interested in techno-political issues which arise with the advent of large-scale computation in 21st century society. Also a part-time lecturer and spare-time VJ.