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Our top 10 CPD reads for early years practitioners!

date November 4, 2021Tracey Riseborough

If you’ve ever joined one of our Kinderly Learn weekly webinars, you’ll know what amazing speakers we have to present for us. They are so good at communicating key ideas succinctly and helping practitioners deepen their understanding of early years practice. No surprise that a lot of them are fantastic authors too. We thought we’d take a moment to celebrate our multi-talented speakers and share our pick of their publications:


Tamsin Grimmer – Developing a loving pedagogy in the early years

 tamsin grimmer kinderly collaborator

Care and caring are key to early childhood education and yet love can be viewed as a taboo word within early childhood settings. In this beautiful book, Tamsin Grimmer guides practitioners through the potentially problematic area of loving the children they care for and clearly shows how a loving pedagogy can fit within your professional practice. Find out more…

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Your guide to schematic play, roots and all!

Sonia Mainstone-Cotton – Supporting children with social, emotional and mental health needs in the early years

Practical solutions and strategies for every setting

 headshot of Sonia Maisdstone

Drawing upon her wealth of experiences and insights to explore what SEMH is, why children may have SEMH needs, and what this can look like, Sonia Mainstone-Cotton provides essential guidance and practical ideas for early years staff to support children SEMH needs, giving them the confidence they need to understand early signals and signs. Find out more…

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June O’Sullivan – 50 fantastic ideas for sustainability

 june o'sullivan

Teach children to reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and be respectful with these fun activities for encouraging environmental sustainability. Written by June O’Sullivan and Nick Corlett, this book is a great source of original ideas to encourage children and practitioners to reuse everyday, easy-to-source items, some of which might have otherwise gone to waste. Find out more…


Dr Sue Allingham – Emotional literacy in the early years

Helping children balance body and mind

 Dr Sue Allingham headshot

A child’s physical confidence has a great deal to do with their emotional health, but what do we understand by ’emotional literacy’? Dr Sue Allingham looks at the physical and emotional environment where children learn and develop, and shows ways in which practitioners can successfully create and achieve emotionally literate provision. Find out more…

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Dr Stella Louis – Understanding schemas in young children

Again! Again!


In this book, Dr Stella Louis (with her co-authors Claire Beswick and Sally Featherstone) aim to help early years practitioners identify schemas and to understand both how important they are and the vital role they play in children’s learning. Brilliant if you want to understand how to develop, plan and resource activities which support children’s learning through experiment and play. Find out more…

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The importance of schemas in early years


Jan Dubiel – Effective assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage

 Jan Dubiel headshot kinderly webinar speaker

How we assess our youngest children is a vital part of early years practice. Written by Jan DuBiel, a leading expert on assessment, this book will help you understanding the role of assessment in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It includes step-by-step guidance to help you with making and recording observations in practice. Find out more…

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Understanding assessment in early years provision


Kerry Payne – Guide to SEND in the early years

 kerry payne headshot

Designed to up-skill any early years practitioner who needs to feel ready and confident to support children with special educational needs and disabilities, Kerry Payne dispels common myths around SEND and offers clear, concise and practical ways to translate theory into practice and support children with SEND. Find out more…

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Suzy Rowland – S.E.N.D. in the clowns

Essential autism / ADHD family guide

 Suzy Rowland SEND expert

Suzy Rowland wrote this book to help parents untangle red tape, stay engaged and feel empowered as they march, with their autism or ADHD child, through a system that struggles to educate children who are different. Perfect professional guidance for parents and professionals who work with, teach or support autistic or ADHD children. Find out more…

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How to support neurodiversity in the early years

Sue Asquith – Self-regulation skills in young children

Activities and strategies for practitioners and parents

 sue asquith

Looking for a wider awareness of self-regulation in babies and young children? Let Sue Asquith explain what self-regulation is and why it is important. This book makes child and brain development easy to understand, emphasises the importance of giving children positive attachments and provides fun ideas of how to promote coping strategies. Find out more…

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Lynn McNair – Putting storytelling at the heart of early childhood practice

A reflective guide for early years practitioners


Winner of the Nursery World Awards for Professional Books, this is a brilliantly engaging and practical book that highlights the essential nature of storytelling in all walks of life. The editors (Lynn McNair, Tina Bruce and Jane Whinnett) use a compelling Froebelian approach to explore the role of storytelling and how to best cultivate this in the early years classroom. Find out more…



Aaron Bradbury & Ruth Swailes – Early Childhood Theories Today
  Aaron Bradbury-Coffey headshot  

This book introduces early years practitioners to some contemporary theorists and explores their work alongside more well-known thinkers. It demonstrates how these theories relate to everyday practice in the early years and that discussion of them can support ongoing professional learning.
Available from Amazon.

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